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No Court, No Partner, No Problem

7' x 7' net sets up easily in any small space for continuous loop hitting with zero ball pickup.  Feeds every 3 seconds to a consistent height and distance to maximize muscle memory with no need for a real court or practice partner.  Refine technique, add new skills, improve footwork and fitness, or just have fun.  iPhone PLAY FTT app is a connected game that lets you test your skills in real time against other players and win prizes.  iPhone PRACTICE FTT app (under construction) provides personalized performance metrics for measuring skills.  All FTT apps use sophisticated computer vision with proprietary ball tracking algorithms (for use with late model iPhones only).  SCROLL DOWN for more info on the Feedback System.

"EVERYONE can progress quicker with this"

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Muscle Memory Ball Feeder

Ball feeds every 3 seconds
Uses 4 D cells (not included) 
AC adapter (US standard)

Energy Capture Net

7’ x 7’ small footprint
Easy Up Easy Down
For even the hardest hits

(iOS) Gaming and Ball Tracking Apps

PLAY FTT (game)

PRACTICE FTT (in development)

For late model iPhones




Vision Assist Balls

FREE with purchase
12 Long lasting practice balls
Specially marked for tracking

Smartphone Tripod

FREE with purchase
For use with App
Easy to use for video

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Feedback System


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