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PATENTED FeedBack System

For ALL LEVELS (Beginner - Elite) 

Infinite Loop Hitting - NO PICKUP 

20 Hits per Minute (1,200 per hour)

Portable Easy Up/Down

Leaderboard Game iPhone APP

Only $349.99 + flat rate shipping

Uses ALL standard size balls

Balls Needed
HITS per minute

BEST Tennis Training and Fitness Tool EVER

"EVERYONE can progress quicker with this"

All tennis players rely on repetitive strokes to form instinctive brain - body activation (muscle memory) but getting enough reps in practice is a challenge. As a rule, it takes 1,000 repetitions for a movement to become second nature.

20 real ball feeds per minute to a consistent spot means over 1,000 hits in an hour with zero wasted time picking up balls. Nothing else even comes close for accelerating muscle memory and your game.

ADVANCED players can refine technique, add new skills and improve cardio like never before. 

BEGINNING players can get started in record time with the proven Fast Track Tennis 1 2 3 Method for accelerated learning.

EVERYONE can benefit and have fun because Fast Track Tennis is an amazing training and fitness tool that optimizes resources and maximizes results.

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"Fast Track Tennis blew me away." 

- Joyce Doud (Director of Tennis, South Burlington VT)

"Fast Track Tennis is the best innovation since graphite in rackets." 

- Doug Chandler (Racketman, St. Louis)

"I use Fast Track Tennis in 75% of my lessons - best teaching device I've ever seen."

- Mike Kolendo (USPTA New England President)

"Everyone can progress quicker with this."

- Conrad McIntire Jr. (Tennis Professional, High School Coach, USPTA and PTR speaker)

"Easiest, least expensive, most fun way to learn, practice and play tennis."

- John Davey (Founder, Fast Track Tennis)