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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fast Track Tennis Feedback System easy to set up and use? Is there an instructional video?

Fast Track Tennis is very easy to set up and take down – it should take only a few minutes.

For a complete step-by-step tutorial and helpful hints for setting up and taking down your Fast Track Tennis set, watch the videos provided below!

Video 1 = Set Up.  Video 2 = Tripod.  Video 3 = Take Down.


1. Read notes on side of machine

2. Watch set up and take down videos

3. Works best with four (4) balls

4. Allow up to 10 seconds for AC power starts

5. If turning off then on, wait up to 30 - 45 seconds

6. Not intended to run continuously > 30 minutes 

7. Turn off immediately after ball throw

8. Works well with rechargeable power sources

9. AC adapter may need to be replaced over time

10. Net materials are not waterproof

11. Windy conditions are not optimal for net

12. App currently for iPhone only

13. App needs good lighting, solid background

14. Good iPhone battery charge needed

15. Close other apps for best performance

16. App "game" prizes currently for US users only

When and where will Fast Track Tennis be available for purchase?

Fast Track Tennis’ original Feedback System is available for sale in limited quantities on our company website and through select retail partners.  Please contact us at fasttracktennis@outlook.com for more information.

Where is the best place to use Fast Track Tennis?

Fast Track Tennis can be set up on any hard, flat surface, indoors or out, like in your driveway, garage or basement.  It can also be set up on a tennis court, in a gym or parking lot, wherever you want to use it.  Space needed is approximately 9 feet wide,  8 feet high and 20 feet long.  The machine tosses the ball to about 6 feet high and about 9 feet from the net.  PLEASE NOTE:  Machine is not intended to run for extended periods of time without a sufficient cool down period.  Extended use, especially in hot temperatures may cause the AC adapter to degrade and need to be replaced.

How many balls does the Fast Track Tennis Feedback System take?

The system works continuously with 3 or 4 balls. It can handle more balls but it is not necessary.
Optimal operation is achieved with 4 balls.

Does the Fast Track Tennis Feedback System have multiple settings for ball toss distance and/or speed?

The system is designed to be used in a small space so it only has one setting - balls are tossed every 3 seconds to approximately 6 feet high and 9 feet from the net.  

Does Fast Track Tennis Feedback System come with balls?

Yes, one dozen (12) long lasting, pressureless, practice balls are included with purchase of the Fast Track Tennis Feedback System.  These balls will need to be replaced after extended use.  You can purchase replacement balls, which come in sets of one dozen (12) in a re-closable mesh bag.  Replacement balls can be purchased on our website.

You can also use any regular size tennis balls with the ball machine and net.  For use with the smartphone app, you must use Fast Track Tennis vision tracking balls.

Why do Fast Track Tennis balls look different?

Our patent pending patterned balls are part of the Feedback System that incorporates a smartphone app for tracking ball speed, spin and landing position.  The orange balls with black dots are necessary for the smartphone camera to perform sophisticated ball tracking computer vision algorithms. 

Do I have to use Fast Track Tennis balls with the net and feeder?

The net and ball feeder will work with any standard sized tennis balls.  But if you want to use the smartphone app with ball tracking metrics, you will need to use the Fast Track Tennis balls. 

Does the feeder use batteries? Does it plug into the wall? What type of AC adapter is used?

The ball feeder operates on 4 D cell batteries or can be plugged into the wall with the included AC adapter.  PLEASE NOTE: When using AC Adapter as power source, allow several seconds for machine to warm up.  Also, machine is not intended to be run for extended periods of time with sufficient cool down periods.  Extended use, especially at high temperature can cause the AC adapter to wear out and need to be replaced.

PLEASE NOTE:  AC adapter is currently US standard only (100-240Vac 50/60Hz0.5A MAX).

What level players is Fast Track Tennis for?

Fast Track Tennis can be used by players of ALL levels, from beginner to advanced. 

We have heard from many players and tennis coaches that Fast Track Tennis is a great tool for players looking to practice their strokes and acquire new skills.  Players just starting out may find it challenging to hit the net every time so it is recommended to use more than 4 balls to keep the System operating continuously in the event of missed shots. 

What does the app do? How do I get it? Is it free?

The iOS Play FTT game app, also called the "Racketman Challenge," uses the camera on your iPhone to track number of targets hit out of 15 shots and your score is posted on a leaderboard. At the end of the month, game leader(s) will be eligible to receive a prize from Racketman*.   A second app, Practice FTT (in development) can calculate shot speed (MPH), spin (RPM) and landing position as if playing on a real court.  App(s) can be downloaded from the Apple Store for FREE.  Stay tuned for more updates to the app.

*Currently, only users in the continental United States are eligible to receive prizes from Racketman.

Do I need a certain smart phone to use the Fast Track Tennis app? Do I need a tripod?

The app currently works with late model, back camera facing iPhones (Android versions are expected to follow).  The included tripod is intended for use with the Fast Track Tennis app and contains a smartphone clip for mounting your smartphone in a horizontal position. 

When using the Fast Track Tennis app, the tripod should be extended to its full 40 inches and be placed 16 feet from the metal frame of the net. 

Currently, only users in the continental United States are eligible to receive prizes from Racketman.

What limitations does the app have?

The app currently works with late model, back camera facing iPhones only (Android versions are expected to follow). 

Solid backgrounds and/or good lighting required.  Suboptimal conditions can lead to inconsistent results. 

Make sure iPhone has a good battery charge and close other apps to allow maximum processing capabilities.

Currently, only users in the continental United States are eligible to receive game prizes.  

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to most countries - contact us directly for a price quote. PLEASE NOTE:  We currently offer international shipping via DHL.  Additional duties and taxes may apply depending on the region where you live.  We are not responsible for additional charges incurred upon delivery and will not accept returns or issue refunds on orders that were not received due to unpaid duties.