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NET BOX (44"x8.5"x5" ~ 16 lbs.)

2 Metal Legs

2 Metal cross bars

1 Metal spacer (fits on cross bars)

2 Metal corner pieces (fit on fiberglass poles)

2 Black fiberglass poles (upright poles)

1 White fiberglass pole (top, cross pole)

1 three piece fiberglass pole (landing tray)

1 Fast Track Tennis net

2 Carabiners

1 Net carry bag

BALL FEEDER BOX (20"x12"x8" ~ 12 lbs.)

1 Fast Track Tennis ball feeder

1 AC adapter (US specifications)

1 Tripod with smartphone clip

1 Bag of 12 practice balls (orange)

(Additional balls available for purchase)

3 Velcro net targets

1 Fast Track Tennis ball feeder carry bag





  1. Assemble metal frame.  Be sure to connect metal spacer to metal cross bars (it should click into space).
  2. Unfold net and locate front (with logo), back and side sleeves with Velcro closures at top, front corners.  The front of the net (with logo) must be on the same side as the metal spacer.
  3. Pick one top corner to begin with and open Velcro top corner closure.  Insert black fiberglass pole DOWN into side sleeve and let it slide all the way through.  
  4. Position bottom end of black fiberglass pole into small, upright tube on metal frame.
  5. Hang top of net (the open Velcro closure) loosely over the top of the black upright fiberglass pole.
  6. Find and open other top corner Velcro closure and repeat process - DROP second black fiberglass pole into sleeve and let it slide all the way through.
  7. Position top corner on top of second pole and notice how you can pull the net so the first pole gently bends.
  8. Place foot on metal frame and position bottom of second black fiberglass pole over second small upright tube on metal frame.  
  9. Place one hand near top of pole and other hand in the middle of the pole and quickly (but gently) bend the second pole so both poles bend in the same direction simultaneously and the pole fits into the small upright tube on metal frame.  PLEASE DO NOT FORCE THE POLE - IT WILL BREAK IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL.
  10. Once both upright poles and the net are in position (with net hanging on top of upright poles, slide the white fiberglass pole into the top sleeve leaving end of white pole visible.
  11. One at a time, attach metal corner piece to white cross pole and then attach to the black upright pole.  Notice that the poles can be pulled toward you if you are not tall enough to reach (no chair or ladder needed).  Also notice that the poles can be gently maneuvered to get the poles to fit into place. Repeat process on other side and secure Velcro closures. 
  12. Open Velcro closure on right (facing) side of net and insert skinny 3 piece fiberglass pole into sleeve.  GENTLY feed the pole through the sleeve, making sure the pole reaches the end of the sleeve (end of sleeve is reinforced so it might require you to pinch the reinforced fabric to open the first time).  Once the pole has reach the end of the sleeve, push the pole into place making the semi-circle landing bed and secure the Velcro closure.
  13. Attach hanging Velcro strap to back of metal spacer (line up Velcro on both sides of strap), secure all Velcro closures and make any net adjustments - everything should fit easily and neatly together.
  14. Add carabiner clips to corners of hanging net and attach to metal rings.
  15. Add metal hooks to Velcro straps on ball shoot.
  16. Pull Net chute over tube on ball feeder and pull hooks into place on sides of ball tube (there is a space for the hooks - they should not go inside the ball tube).
  17. Pull the ball feeder AWAY from the net and slide machine into metal spacer.


Fiberglass poles will break if not handled carefully - please watch setup video for helpful hints.  Every part should fit neatly and properly together and should not need to be forced (contact us with any issues).  

Works best with 4 balls.  Placing too many balls into net may cause clogging in the ball chute.

AC adapter may require extension cord.

Use of metal spacer is VERY important to ensure balls flow properly from ball chute into ball feeder (prior versions used foam block as spacer).  

When turning feeder OFF then ON, wait approximately 30 seconds for motor circuit temperature to normalize before restarting (this is a safety measure built into machine).

Try to turn feeder OFF immediately after a throw to place less load on spring/motor upon restart.

Adjust back strap to lift or lower ball tray if balls are getting stuck OR popping out after hits.  Tightening back strap (lifting the landing tray) will create more slack in the net while loosening the strap (lowering the tray) will prevent balls from getting stuck in loose netting around tray.

Leaving net set up for extended periods and/or in various temperatures can stress fiberglass poles and lead to breakage - recommend taking net down when not in use.

Product can blow over in windy conditions.  Try attaching bungee cord to fence and/or placing weights on legs.

Not recommended that you leave product outside in inclement conditions.

Proper lighting conditions and plain backgrounds are essential for the smartphone app to operate properly

iPhone should be fully (or close to fully) charged for best results.

Works well with rechargeable lithium ion power source (product recommendation: Westinghouse iGen200s)






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