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Who loves Fast Track Tennis? Players and Coaches!

Fast Track Tennis blew me away!

Joyce Doud
USPTA Professional, Director of Tennis, The Edge (South Burlington, VT)

I use Fast Track Tennis in 75% of my lessons. It is the best teaching device I have ever seen.

Mike Kolendo
USPTA New England President

Industry Feedback
Fast Track Tennis spent a day at the USTA National Campus in Orlando and got 100% positive reviews from USTA staff. Even the CEO hit balls and used the app to measure shot speed, spin and landing position.
"Super clever that it only takes a handful of balls with no pickup!"
"Great tool to teach technique."
"Great product to practice at home with or could use as a station in classes."

A member of the USTA sport science committee gave the following comments: "Really like the device, great for practice, wish I had one in my garage or basement as a kid, would have worn it out! For physios, would be great to use in clinic as we don't have space to hit balls. We employ interval tennis programs for injured players and using low compression balls is a big part and particularly with low pre-impact ball velocities like this from the device would provide great space efficient methods for individuals to return after injury.  You can also do drills that incorporate movement based applications to optimize the device for exercise, coupled with heart rate monitoring to get the cardio benefit from tennis."


Our Customer List is GROWING!

Tennis Clubs

Our list of clubs is growing.

High Schools

Our list of High Schools (public and private) is growing.


More and more people are discovering the benefits of having our system at home.

Colleges& Universities

Our list of college and university teams is growing

Our Fans Serve It Up

“I use Fast Track Tennis in 75% of my lessons.  It’s the best   teaching device I have ever seen.”

Mike Kolendo

USPTA New England President

Fast Track Tennis is the best thing since sliced bread! Amazing product. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who loves tennis


High School Tennis Coach

I love Fast Track Tennis! It's fantastic and a genius innovation. I use it in all of my lessons and my students love it! Everyone should go buy one.


Tennis Pro at place

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